GO Cargo-Vehicles

V 800 / 1000 - Mini-Van

In this initial class, we have the most versatile and agile vehicles in our fleet, with fuel economy and low operating costs, it is possible for us to offer services at extremely competitive prices.


Dimensions: 2.00/2.40*1.20*1.10/1.60 meters

Useful load: 800/1000 Kg

Capacity: 2 / 3 Euro pallets - 4 a 8 m3

V 1200 / 1500 - Van

Long van large load capacity and high commercial speeds. Vehicles ideas expressed as long distances to go.


Dimensions: 3.30/4.00*1.40*1.80 meters

Useful load: 1200 / 1500 Kg

Capacity: 4 / 5 Euro pallets

Extras: - Trailer ball

V 750 - Closed body

Fast and reliable vehicles, which can ensure great privacy and security will your merchandise and therefore less likely to thefts. Allows use of seal, to control the discharge site.


Dimensions: 4.00*2.20*1.90 meters

Useful load: 750 Kg

Capacity: 8 Euro pallets - 17 m3


- Hand pallet

- System Hanging Garment

- Towing ball for trailer up to 2.5 T.

- Lift platform 750 Kg

- Side door with safety lock

- Possibility of using control of seals.

V - 2700 Mini TIR -SLIGHT

Vehicle with cargo box in canvas with side and rear opening. Ideal for very high loads or large.


Dimensions: 5.60*2.20*2.50 meters

Useful load: 2600 Kg

Capacity: 11 Euro pallets - 30 m3


- Hand pallet

- Platform liftde of 1500 Kg

Heavy Vehicles Support

CIf your merchandise is not in the vehicle typology of our own fleet, call us and we can gestionar, together with our partners, the ideal vehicle for your transport

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